My Vision Fast - It's Time For You To SEE!
By Dr. Delesslyn A. Kennebrew, J.D.,M.Div.

God’s VISION for your life is totally [overall]  and thoroughly [throughout] connected to WHO you are, 
WHAT you should or should not be doing, 
WHERE you should or should not be going, 
WHEN you should or should not be shifting, and 
HOW you should or should not proceed.  

God’s VISION will speak and it shall NOT 
lie, die, kill, steal, manipulate or destroy!  

God’s VISION  for your life will DO just what God says it will do, 
GO exactly where God says it will go, 
BE precisely whom God says it will be.  

God’s VISION will GO forth sending you to places beyond your wildest dreams and your most far-fetched imaginations.   

God’s VISION for your life is Absolutely AMAZING, 
Unequivocally UNDENIABLE, 
Beautifully BOLD, 
Masterfully BRILLIANT,  and 
Victoriously LIFE GIVING. 

God’s VISION for your life will change your world and the world as you see it.  

VISIONARIES, It is time for you to SEE!

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